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BB Glow - Mesotherapy

BB glow is a semi-permanent foundation treatment that minimises wrinkles and fine lines while also correcting uneven skin tones and discolouration. It’s a combination of a potent coloured serum and the Microneedling method – an intensive skin treatment that uses microneedles that are swiftly discharged from a Microneedling pen to penetrate the first layer of the skin.

Basic micro-needling stimulates natural collagen production and rejuvenates the skin, while the BB Glow serum provides excellent nutrients and, most importantly, the colour tint you desire. BB Glow is made to improve the look and feel of your skin fast. After the initial appointment, visible improvements will become obvious. The method gives the appearance that you are wearing foundation when you are not. It’s a vanity motive, but being able to cover over acne scars or pigmentation semi-permanently can provide someone with acne scars or pigmentation a big confidence boost.

BB Glow is a potent anti-ageing therapy that boosts collagen formation thanks to the micro needling component. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that provides structure, suppleness, and brightness to the skin. We have enough of it when we’re young, and the body naturally replenishes it; unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies create less collagen. This causes wrinkles, a loss of skin elasticity, and a loss of firmness. As a result, increasing collagen production can improve the look and texture of your skin while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The serums, which are comprised entirely of natural and strong nutrients, are another added benefit of the BB Glоw treatment. The micro needling process used to apply BB Glow serums allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering the nourishing ingredients where they are most effective.

With BB Glow treatment, there is almost no downtime. Mild redness may occur, depending on skin sensitivity, but it usually fades quickly. Following the appointment, you can resume your daily routine. Wearing makeup for the rest of the day is usually discouraged, as is engaging in vigorous exercise that causes considerable sweating. It’s also critical to avoid direct sunlight for the next three days and wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

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